The goal of iReach is to improve the health and well-being of young people through education and empowerment.

iReach was developed by the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania, and Emory University with support from the National Institutes of Health.

iREACH GETS YOU TO THE RIGHT PLACE By answering some basic questions about yourself, iReach will give you information customized to your needs.

iREACH ALLOWS YOU TO VIDEOCHAT WITH PEER MENTORS We all need advice or just need to talk with someone every now and then. Our mentors are here to chat and help!

Wherever you go,
iReach is at your fingertips

You can access iReach on your computer, phone, or tablet.

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Team University of Michigan

Rob Stephenson, PhD

Project Director

Rob Stephenson is a Professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Nursing. He works on science that develops new ways to help people prevent HIV. His passion is working with people to help them find ways to manage their health.

Kristina Countryman, MPH

Site Manager

Kristina manages the project from the University of Michigan. She believes that health information should be made easily available to everyone, no matter their age, race/ethnicity, or location. Kristina loves doing anything outdoors, especially hiking and camping.

Greg Sallabank, BA Hons.

Communications Specialist

Greg Sallabank helps with the project development at the University of Michigan. He's interested in how media and communications have an impact on our lives, including our health. In his spare time, he does a bit of policy research, plays guitar and eats sushi.

Harmony Hoekzema, BBA

Project Manager

Harmony is a Project Manager at the Center for Health Communications Research. Working with iReach is often the highlight of her day. When she is not at work you can find her searching for Pokemon with her sons and dog.

Diane S. Egleston, MPH

Behavioral Scientist

Diane loves working in public health and hanging out with her family and super sweet dog. In her free time she likes traveling (but hates packing), reading, and eating a healthy amount of dark chocolate.

Khristen Flennoy, MPH

Behavioral Scientist

Khristen enjoys showing others how to lead healthy lives. That’s why she chose to work in public health! She loves making green smoothies, spending time outdoors, traveling, watching Michigan State football and basketball games, and catching up on her favorite TV shows.

Sophia Adalaine Zhou, BSA

Multimedia Designer

Sophia believes that graphic design is problem-solving with art. In her free time, she likes to create stuffed toys and doodle silly things. Her hair has been through all colors of the rainbow and is ever-changing.

Ian Tadashi Moore, BFA

Multimedia Designer

Ian is happiest when he's designing, drawing, animating, and making music and fun things. In his spare time he’s writing and being a dad to two handsome boys. He probably won’t ever act his age.

Dennis J. O’Reilly, BSE

Software developer

Dennis is a technology enthusiast who gives much greater attention to his code style than his hair style. Though he has the height for basketball, he is much happier on a Curling sheet.

Paul Rozek, BSCS

Quality Assurance

Paul’s life is a test. He tests everything. Everything he interacts with is a test—sites, apps, experiences. He loves that what he tests helps people lead better lives. In his spare time, he enjoys testing, Star Wars, camping, testing, and playing with his kids and dog.

Kristie Khatibi, MPH

Research Associate

Kristie is a health researcher at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about helping people around the world live happy, healthy lives! When she is not working hard on iReach, Kristie loves to be active, explore new places and spend time outdoors.

Team University of Pennsylvania

José Bauermeister, PhD

Project Director

José is the leader of the Penn team. As a teenager in Puerto Rico, he debated between careers in music or public health. He chose public health and became a research scientist. But he still slays a sing-along when he needs to.

James Wolfe, MS

site Manager

James believes that the key to helping people is listening. That’s why he decided to become a professional counselor and researcher. When James isn’t at work, he practices his listening skills with his dog, Shelby. She hasn’t said anything yet, but if she ever does, James will be ready.

Ryan Drab, MPH

Research Study Coordinator

Ryan is interested in how pop culture can help us understand the world around us. Ryan and Beyoncé Knowles share the same astrological signs. He will often use this similarity with her to explain the ups and downs in his own life.

Team Emory University

Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD

Project Director

Patrick Sullivan is a Professor of Epidemiology at Emory University. He studies how to prevent infectious diseases. He works in Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Laura Gravens, MS, MPH

Project Manager

Laura is California born and raised, a proud Aggie from Texas A&M (whoop!) and she graduated from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory in 2013. She enjoys cuddling with her greyhound Kelso, eating pasta, reading the news and playing board games.

Neena Smith-Bankhead, MS

Site Manager

Neena manages the project from Atlanta at Emory University. If she could, Neena would be a full-time volunteer. However, since she has to work, she spends her free time volunteering with community groups, listening to music, and managing all of her social media sites.

Jordan Helms, MPH

study coordinator

Jordan is a Kentucky native, by way of Nashville, TN. He works on the project from Emory University. Jordan’s interests include: playing the violin/piano and singing, health, politics, activism, puppies, DIY projects and Diet Coke.